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    CALocal - Huntington Beach - News Website FAQ

    What CALocal News Websites Are:  CALocal News sites present a digest of your city’s daily news. Consider us a customized web search result that delivers all of the news pertinent to your city and its residents. Most of the CALocal news cities have great local and regional newspapers.  But local news doesn’t end there.  News sites from around the world report on your city and residents and you can find that here, on a CALocal website. One look at a CALocal News site and you’ll understand the diversity of local news presented there.  Without the false positives of a raw Google or Bing Search.  Presented in a descending chronological order. Daily, updated hourly.

    What CALocal News Websites Are Not: Clickbait and Spam.  CALocal websites don’t make money from the articles referenced on our pages.  There’s no trickery, and nothing deceptive or sensationalized in our news coverage or in our presentation of local news. As with any reputable news source, we take great pride in our unique offering and do our best to weed out any questionable news source. Our only interest is in delivering a local news digest to you that you won’t see anywhere else.

    Where does CALocal get the news:  CALocal news websites use custom scripts and retrieve your City’s news via paid, news search API’s – API’s are an internal connection to the search engines and those API’s provide us with search parameters not available via a browser. We are not an RSS aggregator.  We do not use social media.

    What can a CALocal website provide that my great local and regional newspapers may not cover?

    Example #1 Residents of your City: John Doe, a former resident of your city does something notable, or perhaps passes away and a newspaper across the country or world mentions that John Doe was a resident of a CALocal city or had family or connections to your CALocal city. Perhaps John Doe was a person you knew, a former neighbor or friend. Because it didn’t happen locally, local papers may not cover the story. You’ll find that important news on your CALocal site.

    Example #2, Sports: A local boy who was a standout high school football player goes away to college.  Your local and regional paper’s coverage of that boy might end there.  But you CALocal website will follow his career through college and the pro’s because every time he’s mentioned in reference to your city your CALocal website will pick up the article and present it on their website.

    Example #3, Business.  A company headquartered in your CALocal city accomplishes something in a subsidiary thousands of miles away.  The newspaper in that distant city covers the event. CALocal will deliver that story to you because CALocal finds all the news that references your city and residents of your city. Your local news is being written and reported around the world.

    You’ll find dozens of articles on our CALocal sites that you’d have missed if you weren’t a CALocal Reader.

    You’d have to search the news worldwide, hourly, to discover this news.  CALocal finds it for you. CALocal presents a Meta View of your city and its residents.

    We don’t write the news on our websites – we find it for you and link you to it.  CALocal news websites are about all the news, not just our news.  CALocal finds your city’s news and provides that connection for you.  It’s up to you to decide what’s of interest to you.  CALocal sites present clear source attribution in the title and the Article-link image on every referenced article. We send thousands of readers every week to publications they’ve discovered on a CALocal news website.  That’s the value a CALocal Website brings to local news.

    How Can I Contact CALocal: info@indianhillmedia.con

    Some of the links produce a 404 “not found” error.  We can’t control the publisher’s links. If the publisher removes or moves the article it breaks our link.  There are very few of these however and generally on older material.  If you must find the article, go to the publishers’ site and search there.  The publisher’s website is noted beneath the photo or title.  If the article hasn’t been deleted from the publisher’s site you should find what you’re looking for.

    Can I Upload a News Story or Press Release to a CALocal site? Yes.  Send the story with your info to info@indianhillmedia.com.  We’ll review it and if suitable, publish on a CALocal site.  We’d also like to hear from experts interested in a weekly/monthly column.


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