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The CalLocal Newsgroup began as ClaremontCa.com in 1998; a first Southern California community website. It was created by Claremont-based Indian Hill Media Inc. as a means of collecting comprehensive, "worldwide”, news about the people and city of Claremont. Over the years, search API technology has matured and via our technology partner, Microsoft Cognitive, our ability to deliver relevant news has developed in kind.  The applications we've written to perform these tasks undergo constant revisions and take full advantage of Microsoft Cognitive’s, Bing News, Web, Video, and Image, Search API and it’s expanding feature-set.   From our local newspapers to the national press and from international sources likely and unlikely, our software retrieves, sorts and presents a daily digest of news from sources worldwide targeting the city and citizens of each CALocal Newsgroup city - updated throughout the day, 7 days a week. The articles we present feature prominent publisher attribution and a link-back to each article’s publisher’s website providing value to both reader and publisher. Our software significantly reduces the false positives of a raw Google or Bing Search, and presents the news in an attractive format, in chronological order.  A glance at our home page offers the reader a snapshot of the city’s news with direct links to the news article’s source page. 

The value a CALocal News site provides is two-fold. For the reader it’s this: We search the world for your city’s news and present it to the reader free of charge. For the publisher, we send readers to their websites; readers that may not have looked their way are navigating to their site to read their news.

The CALocal news websites provide the reader with news articles that might otherwise go unseen. For instance, an obituary that is published in a newspaper in another part of the country that refers to a former resident or family-member of a CALocal city will get picked up by our search engine and will be presented in their CALocal news site.  The story of a son or daughter of a CALocal city resident, newly promoted in their job and living in Topeka or Chicago, will be picked up and presented in their CALocal news site.  The different takes presented by the press, local, national, and international regarding a CALocal city news event are presented side-by-side, without bias or prejudice for further reading. 

During the San Bernardino Terrorist attack, SanBernardino.Today was the first news site in the country to present an article written in an Israeli publication quoting the shooters father that provided the real insights into that tragedy.  SanBernardino.Today was visited thousands of times per hour during that event and provided valuable information culled from hundreds of publications. That local even drew international attention and breadth and diversity of reporting was presented on SanBernardino.Today.

CALocal News sites present the most comprehensive, daily, news digest available for each CALocal city.

The search operations that are the backbone of operation are not free to us, however.  Microsoft Cognitive charges a fee for every API search that we perform and there are costs for web design, coding, and general business costs.  So, we have accepted a small amount of advertising on some site to help defray the operating costs. We do not receive any monetary benefit for click-throughs for the thousands of articles that we present.  Advertising and Sponsored Content is clearly marked on the CALocal sites.     

Hundreds of thousands of readers visit the CALocal sites every year.  We work hard to provide them something of value.

Indian Hill Media is the parent company of the CALocal News Group which owns and operates ClaremontCA.com, SanBernardino.Today, Riverside.Today, HuntingtonBeach.today, SantaMonica.Today, RanchoCucamonga.Today, TheDesert.Today, Temecula.Today, SanDiegoNews.Today, Pasadena.Live, SantaBarbara.today, TheBayArea.Today, LongBeachNews.Today and many other local news sites. Indian Hill Media also owns and operates the Emmy Award-winning television and film post production facilities Mixers Post Sound and Mixers Music. Indian Hill Media's, CalLocal News Group’s portfolio of web domains are developed by Smiling Dog Designs and are hosted by InlandEmpire.IO. Visit IndianHillMedia.com for more information.


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